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Effectvet for cats

Effectvet for cats

Transparent oily liquid from yellow to red - brown.

1 ml of the preparation contains:
 active ingredient fenthion - 60 mg;

            ATCvet QP53A, ectoparasitic veterinary preparations for topical application.
Fenthion - insecticide of tiophosphororganic compounds group, mechanism of action is in blocking of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase in the synapses of CNS parasite that leads to their death. Fenthion penetrates badly into the blood-brain barrier of warm-blooded animals, but the external application is absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream. Bloodsucking parasites die because of fenthion getting into their organisms from the blood of animals.

            Prevention and treatment of cats with lesions of ectoparasites: fleas (Ctenocephalides felis), lice (Linognathides spp.), mites (Demodex katoi, D. felis, Otodectes cynotis), sensitive to fenthion.

            Before the use – cut the pipette tip with scissors.
            The preparation is used externally by applying on the skin in the area of withers and along the spine, in the doses:
1 pipette of 0.5 ml of the preparation for cats weighing more than 2 kg and aged from 6 months.
            The preparation protects against ectoparasites for a month (30 days). Repeated treatment of animals is after 3 - 4 weeks.

            Increased sensitivity to fenthion.
Do not use for kittens up to 6 months of age and weighing up to 2 kg.
Do not use for weak, sick and emaciated animals.
Do not use for pregnant animals before a week to the parturition.

            Some complications (salivation, anxiety) are possible after treatment of susceptible animals that pass quickly. In allergic complications (skin rash, itching and swelling) desensitization therapy is recommended. Antidote - atropine sulfate.
            When working with the preparation the general rules of personal hygiene and work rules with veterinary drugs must be complied. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after treatment of animals.
            Do not stroke animals for 3 days after treatment with the preparation.
            Polymer ampoules-dropping glasses of 0,5 ml. Outer  packaging – carton box.

            Dry, dark, inaccessible to children and animals place away from food and animal feed at temperatures from 5 to 25 º C.
            Shelf life – 1year 6 months.

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