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COMPOSITION: Each Liter contains:
5-[(3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenyl)methyl]-2,4-pyrimidinediamine, Sulfadiazine sodium, Hexahydroxyclohexane, Vitamin C.

- The mucosal tissue lining the intestine, improvement in digestibility.
- Prevention and treatment of enlarged abdominal cavity disease, swollen liver with pus disease, swollen abdominal cavity disease.
- Resistance to secondary bacterial infection.

Fry and fingerling: 3ml/m3 of rearing water administered once a day during 2 consecutive days.
Grown-out fish:
Prevention: 1-2ml/kg of feed administered twice a day during 2-3 consecutive days.
The product should be utilized in fish on every 7-10 days basic.
Treatment: 2-3ml/kg of feed administered twice a day during 05 consecutive days.

Dilute to freshwater and thoroughly spread over the feed, let stand for 30 minutes
The mixture of feed and the product should be coated with Dau Muc Anova/Anova-Lecithin to achieve best results.
The product can be utilized in tortoise, eal, crocodile with the same dosage as used in fish.
Withdrawal time: 28 days before harvest.

STORAGE: Cool and dry place, avoid direct heat.

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