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COMPOSITION: Each kg contains:
SiO2                Al2O3
CaO                Na2O
MgO                Fe2O3
K2O                 TiO2
Bacillus subtilis 
Lactobacillus acidophilus 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 
Aspergillus oryzae 
ZEOFISH is a biological combination product of Zeolite and beneficial microorganism successfully utilized in aquaculture all over the world.
Discompose plant ground and other organic matter in ponds.
Absorption in Amonia (NH3), Nitric (NO2), H2S.
Remove heavy metal and reduce toxin caused by used chemicals.
Improvement in dissolved Oxygen level and maintenance of water quality in cultivation process.
Establishment of beneficial microorganism and suppression of pathogenes.
Pond preparation: 4kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
The first month: 3kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
The second month: 4kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
The third month: 5kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
The fourth month: 6kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
Pond seriously polluted with heavy metal: 6kg per 1,000 m3 of water.
CAUTION: Do not use disinfectant together within 48 hours.
STORAGE: In a cool and dry place, avoid direct heat.

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