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FORMULATION: Per 100mL contains
1-(n butylamino)-1 methylethyl phosphorous acid, Vitamin B12, Methyl hydroxybenzoate,
Excipient, q.s.

- For the stimulation of metabolism and prevention of mastitis in sow, dairy cow, goats, sheep.
- To increase egg production in layers, ducks, quails.
- For the treatment of parturient paresis, asthenic, infertility caused by diseases or unbalance of phosphorous level in the body and problem of reproductive system.
- To increase body resistance and help up the recovery from diseases before or after farrowing.

DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION: By intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection and for poultry in the drinking water.
- To enhance milk yield and to prevent mastitis: Should be use in combination with NOVA-CALCIUM+B12
+ Pregnant pigs: 10-20mL per head. To inject one dose in the last 2 weeks before parturition and repeat again one week after farrowing.
+ Dairy cow: 20mL per head, a dose every 2-3 weeks.
+ Goats, sheep: 5-7mL per head, a dose every 2 weeks.
- To increase fertility in layers, ducks: 0.5-1mL per head. Dissolve NOVASAL into the drinking water, a dose every 2-3 weeks.
- For the treatment of asthenic, infertility and to increase resistance: a dose every 2-3 days until recovery
+ Piglets, dogs, cats: 2-3mL per head.
+ Pigs, calves, goats, sheep: 5-10mL per head.
+ Cattle, breeder pigs: 15-20mL per head.
- Supportive treatment in boar during conception: 10-15mL per head, one dose every week.
- Tail biting problem in pigs: 0.5mL per kg of body weight for 2 consecutive days and repeat again after 8 days.
- For feather plucking and shortening the moulting period in poultry: 0.5-2.5mL per head, dissolve NOVASAL in the drinking water for 3 consecutive days.

STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

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