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Super Milk

Super Milk

...NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Each 1kg contains :        
Digestible Energy (min)                       Cu (max)
Protein (min)                                           Zinc (max)
Lysine (min)                                            Iron (max)
Methionine + cysteine (min)                 Cobalt (max)
Threonine (min)                                      Iodine (max)
Tryptophane (min)                                  Selenium (min)
Fat (max)                                                  Vitamin E (min)
Calcium (max)                                        Antibiotics, hormon..........none
Phospho (max)                                      Vitamins B (min)
Moisture (max)                                       Enzymes, electrolytes and minerals.
SUPER MILK is mainly produced from milk powder, milky products, processed starch, enzyme-processed vegetable proteins, Lactose sugar in combination with 8 types of minerals, 13 types of vitamins with well-balanced ration. Amino acids and micro-minerals, essential vitamins supply adequate nutrition needs for young piglets, goat, lamps during nursing and weaning period
SUPER MILK is digest and absorbed well through small intestine.  
Supplemental milk formula for nursing young piglets, goat, lamps.
Supplemental source of milk for young animal when lactating animal’s milk is deficient or in the presence of a big number of young animals in the litter, or no presence of lactating animal.
Improve the feed quality and feed conversion during post-weaning period.   
- Piglet, young goat, lambs during weaning period: Mix 100g with 100-200ml of clean water, then feed or suckle for 4-5 times/ day.
- Post-weaning to 40 days-old piglets: Mix 1kg SUPER MILK with 10kg of feed.
- 40-60 days-old piglets: Mix1kg of SUPER MILK with 25kg of feed.
STORAGE: in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

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