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Nova-Super Coli

Nova-Super Coli

...FORMULATION: Per 1kg contains
Lincomycin (max)
Colistin sulfate (max)
Protease (min)
Organic Acid (max)
b Glucanase (min)
Amylase (min)
Bioyeast (min)
Hormon................. None
Moisture (max)
- For the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases: diarrhea, edema caused by E.coli. and others bacteria disease.
- Increases useful bacteria population and stabilizes intestinal flora.
- Promotion of growth and productivity, reduces feed conversion ratio.
- Improves resistance to diseases.
- Preventive: 0.5-1kg per 100kg of feed. Mix into feed of piglets and feeding 4-5 consecutive days when starters, growing and weather chance.
- Treatment: 1.5kg per 100kg of feed for 4-5 consecutive days.
STORAGE: Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct sunlight.

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