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Albenvet 360

Albenvet 360

ATCvet QP52A, antitrematode, antinematode and anticestode veterinary preparations (QP52AS11, albendazole).
The active ingredient of the preparation albendazole belongs to the group of benzimidazoles.
Albendazole mechanism of action is to inhibit protein (tubular) synthesis, resulting in broken receipts and intracellular transport of nutrients and metabolism of substrates of substances (adenosine triphosphate and glucose), and reducing mitochondrial reactions through inhibition of fumeratereductases, resulting in the decrease of glycogen level and death of parasites from exhaustion.
Albendazole also has ovicidal effect (destroys helminth eggs), reduces pasture contamination and places for walking dogs, reduces the probability of reinfection of animals.
Albendazole is used for animals without dieting and the use of laxatives.

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